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Understanding Mindfullness

Sometimes we forget to pause in our lives and appreciate moments. These moments are so often different for everyone but even the most routine day deserves to be noticed. The fact you woke up, enjoying a cold drink to quench the thirst, true friendship, laughing at your own jokes, celebrations, a good book, thunderstorms viewed from shelter, new crisp bedding attached to an early night of movies or sleep, the smell of flowers on your morning walk, a day of no plans or being a one-man concert as you sing your tunes in the car on your way to work.

Whilst not all moments in our lives require celebration, your life should be given moments of gratitude. The fact that you are here may be cliché, but it’s also 1 in 400 trillion that you are.

Within this program you are given the tools to ground yourself, to acknowledge your surroundings and to reflect on all the little things in life that make up you. Through each stage of this program, your five senses will be at the forefront of how you answer these questions, in the hope that they guide you through understanding just how beautiful life can be through all the routine, simplicity and spontaneous moments that greet you each day. 

Read through the below examples before completing your first entry. 

Examples of things you can see - Look around you and notice 5 things you hadn’t noticed before.

Examples of things you can feel – Feel the floor beneath your feet, scrunch up your toes, feel your surroundings, notice the textures, take a drink, feel the temperature

Examples of things you can hear - Notice all the background sounds you had been filtering out, hear birds chirping, cars driving past, the breeze through a window

Examples of things you can smell – Morning coffee, midnight snacks, fresh flowers, heavy rain, clean clothes.

Examples of things you can taste – Have a drink, enjoy a snack, favorite foods


  • Exercise 1- Hear
  • Exercise 2- See
  • Exercise 3- Touch
  • Exercise 4- Taste
  • Exercise 5- Smell