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Recovery and Beyond

Set out with 'Recovery with Danny,' your ally in the fight against addiction. I’m here to guide you through real change—establishing daily routines, mending relationships, and igniting passions that have been dulled by addiction. As we journey together, you’ll engage with video journaling, confronting challenges and celebrating wins, all while building a network of support. Step by step, you'll craft a vibrant life grounded in health and enriched by giving back to those around you."


  • Week 1: What is Addiction/Alcoholism?
  • Week 2: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
  • Week 3: Healthy Living
  • Week 4: Structure and Routine
  • Week 5: Managing Emotions
  • Week 6: Dream Big!
  • Week 7: Connection with Family and Friends
  • Week 8: Financial Responsibility
  • Week 9: Mental, Physical and Spiritual
  • Week 10: Education and Learning
  • Week 11: Life Balance
  • Week 12: Giving Back