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Exploring My Values

The values we hold as humans directly impact our thoughts, words and actions. It drives our connections and willingness to achieve our goals whilst giving us a form of expectations of ourselves and those we surround ourselves with.

Our values are the foundation of what our life’s work is built on and when you understand and adapt your values in all aspects of your life you invite growth, acceptance, change and a sense of confidence in your self-worth.

To give you an understanding of what values could look like to you, below are a few examples.

Once you have read the example’s, think of a value that is important to you either on this list or one of your own and through video journaling and reflection questions, talk through how this came to be.   

❇️ Acceptance: To be open to and accepting of myself, others and my surroundings.

❇️ Adventure: To always live an adventurous life. Seek, creating, exploring, and challenging myself.

❇️ Assertiveness: To assert myself by respectfully standing up for what’s important to me and for those that are important to me.

❇️ Caring: To be caring towards myself, others, and surroundings

❇️ Challenge: To consistently keep challenging myself to grow, learn, improve

❇️ Compassion: To act with kindness and empathy towards others.

❇️ Connection: To connect, engage and stay present in all aspects of my life.

❇️ Gratitude: To be grateful and appreciative of all aspects of my life including myself.

❇️ Honesty: To be honest and sincere with myself and others

❇️ Humility: Allowing myself to be humble and free of pride or arrogance, accepting other ways of being and acknowledging this as growth.

❇️ Courage:  To not live in fear and to take on challenges I am faced with, with strength, determination, and courage.

❇️ Loyalty: To show loyalty to others through both achievements and challenges


  • 1. Entry 1- Values for family
  • 2. Entry 2- Values for friends
  • 3. Entry 3- Values for myself