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Embrace Your Recovery

The Path to Freedom Program is more than a personalized tool; it is a compassionate companion in the recovery journey. Utilizing an innovative video journaling approach, this program offers a unique pathway to self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

Through the power of visual storytelling and profound personal reflection, individuals are invited to a safe and therapeutic space where they can openly document, explore, and connect with their experiences, emotions, and progress. Every step of the way is designed to resonate with the specific needs and aspirations of those seeking recovery.

Guided prompts and topics, carefully tailored to the recovery journey, address vital areas such as personal growth, overcoming challenges, gratitude, self-compassion, and resilience building. The essence of these prompts lies in their ability to ignite deep reflection and self-awareness, creating a tangible connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The Path to Freedom Program is not just a recovery tool; it's a catalyst for empowerment. It's about harnessing the therapeutic benefits of video journaling to create a personal and meaningful narrative. By engaging with the program's intentional design, participants unlock valuable insights, celebrate achievements, and forge strength in their enduring journey towards a fulfilling and sober life.

Through this innovative approach, the Path to Freedom Program seeks to inspire and facilitate lasting recovery, giving voice and vision to those determined to reclaim control, joy, and purpose in their lives.


  • Activity 1- Exploration
  • Activity 2- Thoughts & feelings
  • Activity 3- Relationships
  • Activity 4- Networks
  • Activity 5- Accountability
  • Activity 6- Vulnerability
  • Activity 7- Reflection
  • Activity 8- Comfortability
  • Activity 9- Feelings
  • Activity 10- Future self