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Collective Consciousness

Dive deep into your inner self with the 'Collective Consciousness' program, a journey designed to enhance your understanding of yourself and your interactions with the world. Each module in this program is crafted to help you cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude, uncover your purpose through pain, reflect on your personal growth, analyse your habits and behaviors, and embrace radical responsibility for your life story. Join us as we explore these critical areas through thoughtful questions and reflective exercises, guiding you towards a more enlightened self.


  • Activity 1: Attitude of Gratitude (Blessings for Life)
  • Activity 2: Pain into Purpose (Connection to Mind, Body & Soul)
  • Activity 3: Self Awareness & Self Reflection (Self Love/Growth Journey)
  • Activity 4: Habits & Behaviours (Learnt/Programmed Thought Patterns)
  • Activity 5: Radical Rapid Responsibility (Personal Hero)