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Career Development

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life and with almost one third of our lives spent in work related activity, I’m sure at times you’ve lost momentum in what you are trying to achieve or struggled to generate enough interest from others to see your vision.

A big question to ask yourself when looking at your career is WHY?

Why is it you do what you do and what pushes you to keep doing it?

Within this program you will be supported through reflective practice, allowing you to capture your personal and professional aspirations and give yourself the accountability to project yourself into the next stage of your career life.


  • 1. Exercise 1: Progression and Reflection
  • 2. Exercise 2: Goal Setting
  • 3. Exercise 3: Weakness/Strengths
  • 4. Exercise 4: Values and Alignment
  • 5. Exercise 5: Strategy and Implementation